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Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life--think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.


I, on behalf of Gateway Institute of Hotel Management, welcome you to this new and promising school of Hotel Management. Our sole endeavour is to equip the young and bright students like you with skills to take on the fascinating and glamorous world of Hospitality and Service Industry.

Hospitality and tourism is one of the world’s largest, most diverse and most dynamic industries. It is vast, offering a broad variety and an enormous number of jobs across the globe. In fact, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, hospitality and tourism employs more than 260 million people worldwide and career prospects in the industry remain strong. Year after year, hospitality and tourism is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. With its size, strong track record of growth and abundant employment options, it is no wonder the hospitality industry attracts such tremendous interest from a large number of students. And today the industry is more fast-paced and competitive than ever. The hospitality industry is very diverse and includes a wide range of services related to food, accommodation, entertainment and recreation.

A qualification in hospitality equips you with the expertise and skills you need to work in management or operations in this, the world’s fastest growing industry. And the skills you learn and the knowledge you will acquire, both as part of your course and on-the-job, are easily transferrable – you can work all over the world in any of the hospitality establishments. With the ongoing pace of growth, the hospitality industry has already set the mark for the other industries.

The faculty who are selected with lot of care are dedicated and helps in the academic progress of the students while updating their professional and personal development. The students are encouraged to undertake challenges and we are committed to helping them to prepare their future and to succeed in their endeavours. Change and challenge are common in any field and one should be prepared to seize the opportunity as they arise. As in so many areas of life sound planning and preparation are the keys to success. One has to be ready to meet the challenges. The professional development programmes and courses offered by the college prepare the students to capitalize their potential to the fullest extent. We will remain committed to the development of higher calibre professionals for the hospitality industry.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them. You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.

Welcome to my family!
Best Wishes!

Mrs Tulika Hazarika
Director, Gateway Institute of Hotel Management