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Vision and Mission

GIHM offers world-class hospitality business education. Our priorities are academic rigour, multicultural awareness and a caring approach to the personal development of our students.

The Institute is adjacent to its own property at Guwahati, thus providing the students with real life exposure on the operation and management of com-mercial hotels while undergoing the course. This gives the students hands on experience about the practical aspect of the hotel operation so as to prepare them as General Managers in the years to come.

GIHM brings world-class hospitality business education giving priority to academic rigor, multicultural awareness and a caring approach to the personal development of the students. The graduates of the Institute will be industry ready professionals and leaders who exceed customer and employer expectations through their persistent dedication to excellence.
Hotel Gateway Grandeur, a flagship property of Prerona Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, defines comfort and hospitality in the city of Guwahati. Since its incep-tion, Eight years back in 2011, be it for pleasure or for business, the leading choice of travelers to Guwahati has invariably been this landmark hotel of the city. By virtue of sincerity and subtlety, Gateway has earned itself the expertise and experience that can define hospitality with a new dimension altogether.

The best in class service by Gateway for glorious 8 years with around two hundred employees to the business traveller to the city has set a new benchmark thus understanding the need for the inmmense importance of trained manpower in the hospitality industry. The acute storage feced by the hospitality industry in Assam and the North East has made us realize the need for a proper Hotel Management Institute with infrastructure equivalent to the global standard which will produce students ready to be absorbed into the Hospitality Industry. And thus the Gateway Institute of Hotel Man-agement has come into being , offering Diploma and Degree courses in Hospitality Management and Catering Technology.